Tameka Foster

This Usher herpes scandal is just getting messier by the day. Last night, word broke that the R&B superstar allegedly paid off his ex’s wife bridesmaid after he gave her Herpes. It seems that folks have been hitting up his ex-wife, Tameka, trying to get something out of her. Peep her response below. Do we […]

Age ain’t nothing but a number!

Usher fans didn’t like Tameka Raymond from day one, so when he decided to marry her they went extra hard on her! She talks to “The…

R&B veteran Usher has had to learn plenty of hard lessons throughout his career, but the thing that taught him the biggest life lesson was…

Tameka Raymond‘s name has been dragged through the dirt from the day her relationship with Usher started until it ended in divorce. She talks to  ”The…

  In another move of “Love Chess” Usher is putting the home that he and Tameka once shared the 12,445 square foot, 6 bedroom, 8 bath mansion in Roswell in 2007  on the market. The home has been listed for$3.2 million, according to the rumor mill he has also given his ex-wife 60 days to move […]

Never thought I’d see this side of Usher Raymond before. But you can’t always believe what you see on TV and read on blogs (well except this one, cause it’s from a credible source) Seems as though Usher’s ex-wife/baby muvah Tameka Foster, pushed too many buttons and Usher’s had enough! Reports are saying that Usher […]

As posted earlier Usher’s stepson was rushed to an Atlanta hospital after being hit by a jet ski. According to news reports Usher’s stepson has been declared brain dead.  Usher’s stepson Kyle Glover who is 11 years old along with a 15 year old female friend were floating in an inner tube that was being pulled by a […]

Usher and Tameka Raymond’s custody case is all over the blogs and the most interesting aspect of what has been leaked regarding the custody proceedings is the fact that Usher keeps referring to his ex as “Tameka Foster” when legally her name is still “Tameka Raymond.”  Some of you may feel that a last name really […]

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster is taking taking him to court for sole custody of their two sons. Tameka has filed court papers asking for him to lose joint physical custody of their children. According to TMZ, Tameka filed court papers in Georgia, asking a judge to strip Usher of joint physical custody of their children […]

Looks like Tameka Foster has finally moved on…Tameka who is finally getting over her divorce with Usher tweeted she liked somebody and she’s scared…you know that feeling that you get when you realize you really like a guy. Take a look at her tweet: Somewhere Usher is doing the happy dance!!! OMG, Usher’s Ex Tameka […]

Tameka Foster is proving that she’s more than just Usher’s ex-wife. She’s a savvy business woman with a recently-opened third business under her belt. On January 22, Tameka opened KangaZoom, an indoor children’s play and party center in Alpharetta, Georgia. Being that Tameka is a mother of five boys, we can see where she got […]