We will age no matter how hard we try not to, but you don’t have to look your age or feel old. The secret is to stretch your body on a regular basis and drink plenty of water. Some people get old and stiff and that could lead to injury. Flexibility will help you as […]

The New Year will have plenty of people running to the GYM and they will be there for a few weeks until they get sore. The only push a little bit but don’t burn that extra fat because they haven’t put down a realistic GOAL! You have to focus on what you want and you […]

The benefits of living a healthy life is you can feel better mentally and pysically. You can do more and live a more full filled life. You can enjoy doing the samethings you did when you were younger but with a few limitations. Age is just a number when you live a healthy life. Strive […]

The body needs to release bad energy and you need to be flexible and balanced but the only way to do that is to stretch to loosen up your stiff muscles. The body is full of energy and when you stretch you can release stress and and balance the body. Source: Active.com Follow Me On […]