Veteran Actor, Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas has joined forces with husband and wife team, Bill and Catherine Owens-Hermann, in their effort to raise awareness of global illiteracy. Their book, Safari’s Song, will be brought to life in a performance reading, narrated by Antonio Fargas. Top 9 Must-See Black Films

Snoop Dogg is continuing his ongoing list of endorsements by announcing a partnership with his latest venture Blunt Magic, an all-natural, odor reducing, flavored rolling spray. Now the part owner of the Blunt Magic brand which makes and distributes what’s described as a “safe and effective product” for reducing the smell of smoke output when […]

Actress Cameron Diaz Diaz was a guest on “Lopez Tonight” Thursday and while on the show dished on her time growing up with Snoop Dogg at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. According to her, she’s sure she’s bought at least one of the rapper’s “special deliveries.” We went to high school together, he was a […]

Wiz Khalifa continues to top the charts with his platinum single “Black And Yellow”, has been spotted in L.A. working with the Snoop on a new movie titled “High School.” Speaking of Snoop Dogg he has good things to say about Wiz, “It’s beautiful to see him gradually grow from somebody that’s hustling, to the […]

From It’s no secret amongst hip-hop fans and diggers that Snoop’s Dr. Dre produced “Boss’s Life” shares the same sample as Busta’s Nottz-produced “Everybody Rise.”

There is a brilliant moment in Chris Rock’s “Never Scared” when he concedes that he can’t defend certain elements of rap music.

Everyone came out for Juelz Santana’s birthday bash at M2 in NYC last night. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Lil’ Kim and Ashanti came out to show some love. Snoop even brought his new jump off who I hear he was trying to hide. But had snitches in the building and they have the […]