The date are dates that should be remembered by people of color because it was 400 years ago August 20th 1619 that slaves were said to be stolen from their homeland in Africa. They brought them to The Americas to have them build up British Owed North America but would never value them. These are […]


Last weekend, 75-year-old civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away and was remembered in an outpouring of support from mourners across the world. Julian Bond…

While it’s great to see Black actors and filmmakers being acknowledged with Academy Awards and other accolades (congratulations to Lupita Nyong’o and “12 Years A…

Mark Adams, bass player for 70s & 80s funk group Slave, died on March 5th.  Details surrounding the cause of death have not been made public.   Adams held down the low end on the group’s many classic singles, including “Just A Touch Of Love,” “Slide,” “Snapshot,” “Watching You,” and later joined former Slave frontman […]

With summer in full swing, it’s time for summer cookouts!