Shawn Carter

Now we all know that the boy actually birthday is December 4th, but hey let’s give him his flowers early. the question is what do you give the guy that can get everything hisself? Beyonce already got him a jet and his own island, like WTF? Flowers it is then. Here’s a great moment in […]

  The Carter’s are making a move to the city of lights. They have two more being added to the family so they are looking for more space and a private life away from the public. Their superstar status has really grown over the past couple of years, so it’s time to MOVE! Source: […]

In was home cleaning up, so I decided to turn on the stupid box. VH1 was showing “The Fabulous Life” and this episode was Jay Z and Beyonce (or Bey Z or Jayonce). Watching this made me realize 2 things…1) They got too much money LOL and 2) They really got love for each other. […]

If you know Hip Hop, then you should know all about Mr. Shawn Corey Carter, known to the streets as Jay Z! Today, “Jigga” or “Hov” celebrates his 44th birthday! Happy birthday Mr. Carter! And many more to come! What is your favorite Jay Z joint? “Picasso Baby” “99 Problems” “Anything” “Can’t Knock The Hustle” […]