Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What are some things you like to do to relax? ‪#‎thezone‬ Charles Smith Listen to music…meditation..just started that…. Helen Washington Drink a glass of champagne, quality time with my son (not at the same time, of course), yoga!! Ashely Mathes Listen to music read a good book with a nice glass of wine […]

Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. One thing or activity that made you smile over the weekend? @DreJohnson1 #Breakfastbite Springbrook HS guard Donovan Walker puttin in dat work at the PG vs MoCo All-Star game — Walker Clan Forever (@JoBranGabTyMad) March 30, 2015 @DreJohnson1 #Breakfastbite Springbrook HS guard Donovan Walker puttin in dat work at the PG vs MoCo […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Friday! How do you plan to spend the holiday weekend? @drejohnson1 #92q #baltimore #2013 #bmore #maryland Dominic Day Sr. Thankin God 4 lettin me C anutta weekend,takin daughter 2 Universal Soul Circus, watchin NBA playoffs & gettin sum rest. Charmcity Cee Wit my Mother it’s her Birthday Vonnie Fatz Long Crashing ppl […]

I don’t know if it’s PMS or just a bad day, but I’ll say this, I NEED A DO-OVER!!! Are you feeling a bit stressed? Worried about too many things? Handling too much and there isn’t enough time to get it all done? To quote one memorable character from the old school television show “A […]

  // Gearing up for a job interview, or a meeting with the soon-to-be inlaw’s? Nervous? Check out these tips! You’ll be fine!   1.  Be Prepared 2.  Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen 3.  Take 30 belly breaths 4.  Visualize in a positive way 5.  Practise Practise Practise 6.  Realize taht people […]

Recently, I did a book review of Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons’ book Super Rich where he explains how Meditation provides him with profound mental moments of stillness as a byproduct of the physical benefits of Yoga.  It has cured him of headaches and has calmed his nerves. Meditation is a mental discipline by which […]