Dame Dash is really going through a lot this year. 2020 has been tough for Dame because he hasn’t been able to put his business deals back together. He has been suing people and chasing down the money that people owe him. He is now suing his Ex Rachel Roy because she has been […]

For years Dame Dash had been pressing Lee Daniels to re-pay the millions of dollars he felt he was owed for various reasons and after Daniels and Dash had finally come to an agreement this past November, the monetary drama between the two has taken a new turn thanks to Dash’s two baby mamas. According to […]

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Damon Dash thinks Jay Z and Beyoncé should have stepped in to clear Rachel Roy’s name following the “Becky with the good hair” backlash that followed Bey’s Lemonade release in April. Dash’s ex-wife Roy was harassed by Beyoncé fans who surmised that she was the “Becky” who had come between Jay and Bey according to the song […]

Now, we've gotten a little more insight into the true nature of the song after "Sorry" songwriter Diana "Wynter" Gordon sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Rachel Roy may be the first person to ever turn lemonade into the lemons. The fashion designer, who caught herself at the wrong end of the Beyhive last month, is ditching the drama at all costs. According to reports, Roy grabbed her place card and left the CFDA Fashion Awards dinner before Beyoncé ever entered the […]

Clearly, someone was not paying attention to Roy's cyberbullying point, because her private files were allegedly hacked last week.

Following the backlash Rachel Roy received for implying that she may have had an affair with Jay-Z, the fashion designer canceled a speaking engagement where the topic of discussion was personal branding.

Social media simply has no chill. But here are some things you should know about the designer.

Kim K said what about Beyonce? Oh, the sage continues on The D.A. Show… Our E reporter, Sophie, used her UK connects to get the busy newly-wed, Kim Kardashian, on the phone.  We congratulated her on the marriage, hitting the most likes on IG and we had to ask her thoughts on why Beyonce and […]