John Franklin McGraw pleaded no contest to battery and assault charges after the high-profile incident in March.

KSEE-TV reports the two officers involved are on administrative leave. This is the seventh police-involved shooting in Fresno this year.

Nearly a year after Ferguson, Mo. teenager Michael Brown Jr. was fatally shot by former police officer Darren Wilson, the Justice Department is confirming that…

Three people were injured in two separate shootings in Ferguson this week during community marches for Freddie Gray. The shootings occurred late Tuesday evening as a group of…

Today we salute our Instagram friends that are downtown protesting for justice in the Freddie Gray case. It’s great seeing people taking a stand and protesting peacefully. This week’s winners are…. 92Q’s very own @lilBlackTheCEO for his continuous coverage from the downtown and awesome imagery. Also big props to @CinematicFresh His mini-videos really paint a […]

Today’s the Freddie Gray protests started out peaceful but sadly things have taken a turn for the worst in downtown B’more. The D.A. brought you non-stop coverage during our show on  In the beginning folks were gathering in the name of justice…gathering in front of city hall and flooding the the streets near Camden […]