The first stretch of Power’s sixth and final season has come to an end, and, of course, people have questions about what they witnessed. The show’s creator, Courtney Kemp spoke to Deadline about the mid-season finale and the cliffhanger that left Power watchers scratching their heads. We are in full-blown spoiler territory now, so you […]

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Tommy and Ghost are done with Tariq but Tasha makes a surprising decision.


Power’s final season is off to an uneven, wild, violent start.


Fans have been waiting patiently for the return of Starz’s Power. They were immediately met with a big rich surprise when the first episode from the sixth and final season began. Instead of hearing the smooth voice of Joe singing the hook, they were very disappointed to hear Trey Songz instead. Power’s iconic opening theme […]

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It looks like Tasha will have to deal with Tariq missing all on her own. P ower returned from its week hiatus and doesn’t miss a beat! We are immediately thrown back into the world of lust,deceit, drugs, betrayal and murder. There were many moments that had us going oh snap and wow in episode 309, hit the gallery below to see the most POWERful moments from tonight’s episode […]

I t’s no secret, NOBODY likes Holly on the Starz hit original series Power. Now that’s just a nod to Lucy Walters who plays the annoying girlfriend of Tommy on the show and she does it very well. So it was no shock when the world including us celebrated her death on episode 305 titled […] B efore we jump into this recap let me just start off by saying this (takes deep breath)… THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE OF POWER EVER!  Courtney A.Kemp and her amazing team of writers have totally outdone themselves with this episode! Now that I’m done with that let’s get into episode 305 which […]