According to the Headkrack, the #mannequinchallenge is already over with, and a new challenge has spread in its place. This one is called the “One Finger Challenge,” and it requires a bit more of a… commitment. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Let’s put it this way- the required materials are very minimal. Click on the audio […]

Chrissy's just a regular degular shmegular chick from the block - in a supermodel kind of way.

Jay and Bey know how to keep it fresh and adventurous.

So photos of this man hit the net and lawd. . .women my grandma age all the way down to the PTY’s got weak in the knees! You know we had to find out who he is and without further ado. . .Ladies meet @irvinrandle You’re welcome! Catch @TheDayPartyCle Weekdays […]