One woman took a page out of Laranna Bobbit's book and chopped off her husband's penis after finding out he was having an affair.

You know It’s bad when you can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. Story in Thailand is that a man was taking a number 2 when all of the sudden, a damn PYTHON came through the pipe of the toilet and…… well….. see for yourself.

If haven’t already heard or have actually been focused on stuff that’s important, former Young Money rapper Tyga is not too happy about his nude…

Tyga is having quite a week and he has Satan to thank for it. If you do a google search on Tyga these days you will read about his Transgender side piece and see some screen shots…showing his sexting shenanigans ….including a Full Frontal shot!!! Eeek… The Blasian baby maker has been exposed!!! The California rapper, claims that satan is responsible […]

It was the Sex Session with Kenny K. Last night your penises and vaginas were talking and this is what they had to say: If you thought these lips was something wait until you meet the other ones I need to explode Feed me now! I like it when it’s real wet Cum and talk […]

Tank went on an Instagram rant after he claims a pastor DM’d with pictures of his penis. Tank posted: “I have no problem with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this! What message are you trying to send a straight man ‘minister?’ I hope your bishop and everyone in your congregation become aware […]

Former doctor Conrad Murray is giving up all the dirty details about his relationship with Michael Jackson.  Should he just stop talking?? Check out the FULL STORY HERE and check out these video clips from his 60 Minutes Australia interview.

Last night was about the top things that your body parts should NOT smell like …. Murrays Fish Sticks Dumpster Juice Baby Products A Pringles Can Sweaty Keys Puppies and Kittens Inside a Used Rubber Glove Moose Breath Onions Cheesesteak Collard Greens Hot Dog Water

**** Adult Content ****   Thursday night’s Sex Session was all about allowing your penis and vagina to talk.  See what Love Zone listeners body parts were saying doing the show.  Check out the Sex Session w/ Kenny K every thursday from 10pm til 12am.  Join the virtual Love Zone discussion by visiting If […]

Thursdays are all about the Sex Session with me and Kenny K.  Kenny mixes your fave slow jams and I have the Quickie Question of the Night.  This Thursday was a Sex Session favorite  — penis and vagina talking!   Check out these Facebook and Twitter responses.  The Sex Session is every Thursday from 10pm […]

Did you know she was a stand-up comedian? Yeah, me neither. Well she did this bit a while back and I know it’s comedy….but doesn’t all comedy come from truth and pain?

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