Corey Pegues spent 21 years with the New York Police Department, wending his way up through the rank-and-file to commanding officer. The decorated Black police officer left the force in April 2013, and in May, released the book Once a Cop: My Journey from former Crack Dealer to the Highest Ranks of the NYPD. On Thursday, […]

Members of the U.S. Senate have proven they’re all talk and no action and failed to pass common sense gun control legislation. In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. expressed outrage over the horrific shooting, a desire to move on gun control legislation, and agreed to a vote in the Senate to pass a […]

Courtesy of has tapped music artists, activists and movie stars to tout the  gun-control conversation in a video that supports the petition to implement  strict gun regulation laws.   Stars like Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, and Beyonce are just a few big names looking for a change in our country’s gun laws.   […]

><strong>Rapper Ice-T </strong>has been engaged in a variety of beefs throughout his 30 plus-year rap career, but the one that took place this weekend could be the weirdest in his career.