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Rapper Ice-T has been engaged in a variety of beefs throughout his 30 plus-year rap career, but the one that took place this weekend could be the weirdest in his career.

Ice-T has battled the number of worthy competitors ranging from LL Cool J to the (National Rifle Association) NRA .

According to on Friday (April 9), a war between Ice-T and Grammy Award winning singer Aimee Mann broke out, after the singer criticized Ice-T’s acting on the hit show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

“Christ, there is no reason in the world anyone should ever have cast Ice T in a television show,” Mann Tweeted on Friday.

Ice-T immediately replied with the Tweet: “Hey @aimeemann stop worrying bout my acting b***h, and worry about your WACK ass music. In the mean time.. Eat a hot bowl of D**ks! Ice T.”

Mann seemed to recognize her error when she Tweeted: “Oh NOOOO!! Someone just told me that Ice T responded to my tweet about him!! THIS CAN’T BE GOOD!!! am not going to read it. I DO NOT WANT HIM MAD AT ME!!”

The pair went back and forth and some of Mann’s 8,000-plus friends defended her on Twitter from Ice-T’s “Final Level Twitter Gang (FLTG).”

@NikkeSanni wrote: “I respected u as an artist, actor, father & man. But not after ur comment to @aimeemann. Ur a played out bag of wet ass chunks.”

Mann issued an apology on her Twitter page to help calm the brewing war of Tweet’s between the two artists’ fans.

“He’s out there doing his job. He doesn’t need any heckling from the peanut gallery. So, I am sorry, Mr. T! You get out there and DO IT!” Mann Tweeted.

Ice-T accepted the apology and is going to let the beef die.

“OK. Homegirl apologized……. Say no more. FLTG Cease fire! Once again there’s Peace in Twitterland,” Ice-T Tweeted.

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