First of all, let me vent a little bit. Why the hell did the coach for the Toronto Raptors call that dumb ass time out during Game 5 of the NBA Finals? Dumbest move in basketball! OK, I’m done. However, in Game 4 during halftime I got to see my guys “The Jabbawockees” do their […]

  Spalding is honoring the kickoff of the 2019 NBA FInals with a nod to its path. Today (May 30), the brand dropped a limited-edition 125th anniversary basketball. Available as the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors tip off, the rock is a tribute to the original model designed and produced by Albert Goodwill (A.G.)Spalding at […]

French Montana and Drake reportedly took part in NBA Finals bet. In a clip from French Montana’s Snapchat, which was obtained by Akademiks TV, the rapper can be seen thanking Drake for giving him “60 bands.” He added that Drake had to hand over the money because he didn’t believe in LeBron James. “Shout out to […] L eBron James has finally ended his social media silence or as he calls it “Zero Dark 23” and all of his “haters” were the subject of discussion. Fresh off his impressive NBA Finals performance, LeBron immediately hopped on his Instagram account and first posted a video with him and the Larry O’Brien trophy. […]

Last night, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled a thrilling victory over the 73-9 Golden State Warriors in a historic feat.

There's nothing better than seeing Beyoncé being normal and fun. As if she'd be anything but that.

Prior to Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which took place in Cleveland, Ohio, Ayesha Curry took to Twitter to share that security at the Quicken Loans Arena wouldn’t let the families of Warriors players into the venue.

Game 6 of the NBA Finals wasn't just a tough loss for Steph Curry but for his family as well.

Stephon Marbury spoke about playing under former Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni and the NBA's fraternity-like behavior, and says he wouldn't join the Knicks even if a gun was pointed at his head.

Steph Curry's wife was rolling her eyes, because she instantly took to Twitter to defend her man's teammate

The wife of Golden State Warriors' star Stephen Curry, clapped back on Twitter in regards to the woman everyone thought was lusting after her husband.