Over the weekend, former Vice President Mike Pence officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential race, giving up on his run for Republican candidate. While in Las Vegas for the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual gathering, Pence admittedly said, “it’s become clear to me: this is not my time.” Check out the full video below: Generally […]

If you thought the pandemic was over, guess what? It’s not. There’s a new COVID-19 variant strain and it’s spreading across the world. EG.5, also known as “Eris”, accounts for the growing number of COVID-19 cases in China and the United States. According to experts, it poses a similar level of global risk as previous […]

In an unprecedented chain of events, former President Donald Trump was indicted for a third time on August 1 and arraigned for charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. The evidence against Trump includes unreported notes taken by former Vice President Mike Pence of their conversations leading up to that fateful day. Pence recently […]

Guillermo Sohnlein, co-founder of OceanGate, the company that designed the infamous Titantic submersible that imploded underwater killing five people, wants to send 1,000 people to a floating colony on the planet Venus by 2050. According to reports, Sohnlein told Business Insider that he has dreamed of making humanity a multi-planet species since he was 11 […]

  As Tracy Morgan is in a New Jersey hospital fighting for his life, the Walmart truck driver that caused the horrendous accident is being charged with death by auto and 4 counts of assault by auto. TMZ.com is reporting that the charged truck driver, Kevin Roper, has a bail set at $50k  and prosecutors expect him to […]

Investigations are still underway behind the tragic Washington Dc Navy Yard shootings on Monday, September 16th. As part of this investigation, The FBI released the video footage of Aaron Alexis ( gunman behind the shootings) moving around Building #197 . GET THE FULL STORY HERE!    WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! 12 Dead In DC Navy […]

Via Fox Baltimore Many families have found loop holes around the social services policies in order to participate in the food stamp program. The amount of households being supported by the popular government assistance program has increased and american taxpayers are footing the bill. As reported by Fox Baltimore, the General Accounting Office found that about 473 households […]

Via Fox Baltimore In a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the self pro-claimed neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman said he believed the events of that night was in “God’s plan”. Trayvon Martin’ s parents openly reject that statement and believe the claim to be absurd.  Martin’s father, Tracy Martin told The Associated Press that Zimmerman […]