Wowzers!!! Serena Williams set Miami Beach ON FIRE with her most recent photo shoot. :::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM NOW @iiKaneMusic :::: :::: Follow iiKane on Twitter NOW @iiKaneTweets :::: Serena Williams Is So Amped She Won Olympic Gold, She Goes Naked [PHOTOS]

  Last night the show was all about Sex Myths that are not true. Check out this blog post that started our show off.  Apparently, a model decided to share her theory on gays. Click Here

5th Cycle “America’s Next Top Model” winner Lisa D’Amato, 32, suffered serious facial injuries to her face when a freak accident occurred on the set of her movie. “After wrapping my part in a movie called Cowboys and Indians in Colorado… The sound girl & I did a duo-stunt/ gymnastics move,” Lisa posted on her […]

Everyone has been trying to figure out who is the female voice behind the infamous ‘Maybach Music’ drop heard on numerous MMG tracks. Check out the full story and article HERE

She may only be 12-years-old, but Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley is ready to start her career as a model. She was previously featured in Teen Vogue, but she’s looking to do more in the fashion world. In addition to working in front of the camera, Selah aspires to be […]

ok this is one of those videos that you makes you cringe… Fox news reported  that the models fake breast ruptured after the bite and that she is in stable condition.  The snake however was not as lucky.  The poor serpent died of silicone poisoning.  RIP: Mr. Snake **Click here to watch the video. Caution: […]

Charlotte-based actor and cutie Yandrick Paraison talked about how his parents, Haitian immigrants, inspired him in this episode of Way Black When.””;Kyte.Embed.altpath=””;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:436,p:”s”,s:1149771,tbid:”3″});

One of our all-time favorite singers Chaka Khan has a new gig.  The legendary singer is now a plus-sized model.These pictures are from a recent photo shoot she did for Evans clothing line who caters to women with curves.

Which one of these girls is fierce enough to win the 14th cycle of America’s Next Top Model? It premieres tonight at 8pm on the CW!

One thing is for sure, Cassie's TRUE talent is NOT singing! It's modeling! Cassie recently did a photoshoot with Celebrity Photographer Mark Squire, and proves even more why she should stick with her true calling! <!--more-->