mental illness

When someone you love has a mental disorder, it’s a challenge for parents, siblings, friends and relatives. The willingness to come together as a unit, accept the diagnosis. Look for help, avoid criticism, blame, judgement, denial and disapproval because it will only make the situation worst. Tips for supporting someone you love going though mental […]

Dozens of employees have been, or will be, fired.

Just wanted to post this …. sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me ( I’m not playing). Guess I’ll find out sooner or later…

Lakeisha Holloway "has been hit with a total of 71 charges, prosecutors said Wednesday, adding up to more than a millennium worth of jail time," the report says.

The shooting deaths of WDBJ reporter and photographer is devastating, but Jeff Johnson says it’s another opportunity to discuss mental illness in the black community. Listen to the…

chelsea and her dog bear – last seen in nyack ny – may be in NYC – please call 845-358-0206 or 911 — Rosie…

32 year-old Ebony Wilkerson claims that abuse by the hands of her husband of 14 years drove her to a breaking point.  She was convinced that people were following her.  She packed up her truck and attempted to drive her three screaming children into the ocean to take them to a ‘better place.’ Watch the […]

This is hands down the most disturbing interview I have ever watched. 19-year-old murderer James Broadnax admits to gunning down two unsuspecting victims in a robbery. What’s so sad about this interview is his lack of remorse and respect for the victims, their families and his own life. Clearly this young man is suffering from […]

Rebbie Jackson will be touring the country with her daughter talking about mental illness.

According to, embattled rapper Charles Hamilton has checked himself into Columbia Presbyterian’s psych ward for “peace of mind.”