If you're one of the people who didn't believe Eternals was worth risking rona for, we have some good news for you.

Taking to social media to get fans in a frenzy, Marvel teased a new superhero mash-up featuring The Eternals, the X-Men, and of course, The Avengers in a new storyline dubbed "Judgement Day."

Boy I can’t wait! Hurry up the 19th! Now if you following the MCU you know this Spiderman is gonna be a doozie! We might have 3 Spidermen! We might see the beginning of the “Sinister 6“, and we might see Ironman (we not) but I’m saying…. “No Way Home” is gonna be exciting none […]

Iron Man is gone. Thor is hanging with The Guardians. So what’s next with Marvel. The Eternals is out! Shang Chi has added his powers. Disney is not playing with the MCU. We have at least 15 more stories to see on Disney+ and on the big screen. Ms. Marvel, Black Panther 2, Thor “Love […]

This is a big blow to fans who've been eagerly awaiting to get their Marvel fix come next year

This Friday, we go inside Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe. The next adventure is Shang Chi. All my “real’ Marvel fans are gonna be excited. I would tell ya’ll the story, but I’ll let you wait til Friday and see for yourself. Click HERE to feel the power of the 10 rings!  

What if there was no Captain America. What if T’challa was picked up by Yondu instead of Star Lord? What if Doctor Strange was…evil? These questions and more will be answered August 11th when Marvel’s “What If?” drops on Disney+. I’m excited because it animated! What if you missed it? LOL Click HERE to be […]

Marvel Future Fight announced a Storm is coming to the game, well the X-Men's Storm, or at least we think it's the Mistress of The Elements that we have come to love.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, you too shouted #blackgirlmagic at the big screen when Tessa Thompson was crowned the new king of Asgard. An honor bestowed on her by a bloated Tho, who decided it was time for a new ruler. During Comic Con this weekend, Tessa revealed, not only will Valkyrie appear in […]