The four-part series, Tumbleweeds With Killer Mike, features the Run The Jewels star as he travels to four big-city locations to discuss the finer points of cannabis and culture.

Over 25 years and two successful sequels later, with a fourth currently in pre-production, 'Bad Boys' director Michael Bay says the $840 million franchise's longtime distributor Sony Pictures originally didn't think it would even be a success with two Black actors in the leading roles.

'A Moment In Time,' a new mini documentary presented by famed flashmob Black Menswear and luxury hat brand Wear Brims, dives into the historic significance that brim hats specifically have meant to Black men throughout history as they launch a new limited edition collaboration.

“What’s a bad miracle?," asks Daniel Kaluuya's character in the trailer for Jordan Peele's latest horror flick, NOPE. Yeah, we're still sold on this one.

Filled with action sequences promising to have you on the edge of your seats and lowkey rooting for the dinosaurs to body a hero or two, the trailer to Jurassic World Dominion has us eagerly waiting for June to get here so we can find out exactly how this franchise will come to an end and whether or not the dinosaurs will takeover the world.


Track superstar Sha’Carri Richardson has hit a pinnacle in her life that many never see or get while living; a life documentary produced about them. The late Virgil Abloh took a liking to the speedy track star after she was denied entry into the Olympics after disqualifying herself by failing a drug test against cannabis. […]

Picking up where the original left off, the trailer finds Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) inter-dimensionally creeping into the room of Spider-Man's (Miles Morales) and asking him to join her on a new adventure in her own universe


In the sports world, the Williams sisters — Venus and Serena — are national treasures especially in the black community. For two black women to be leading the charge in a Caucasian lead sport — tennis — they are worshiped just as much as they are scrutinized, if not more. Well it’s no secret that […]

Will Smith and the Wimbledon Champs recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the making of the film and their iconic tennis careers.

An unfortunate horror film trend seems to be that Black people are usually the ones to be killed off first. However, there are some standout examples that broke the mold and gave us hope that having melanin doesn't always equate to an automatic death scene.