Remembering those we've lost through the years never gets easier, but for some reason it soothes our souls.

That is Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes sister, Raindrop, and she is very not happy with the way her sister was portrayed in the TLC movie.  She insists that her big sister was generous, thoughtful and not difficult….unlike the way the late singer was portrayed in the VH1 movie.   Raindrop also reveals that certain scenes […]

  When it was announced that VH1 would be making a biopic dtailing the lives of best selling R&B group TLC, many were concerned as…

Yesterday marked the eight-year anniversary of the passing of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Left Eye was known as the “crazy” member of the groundbreaking trio TLC, and together they went on to become the biggest-selling female group of all time in the United States with 22 million albums sold.

8 years ago today, that the world lost an icon, a trend-setter, a trailblazer, and one whom we can never forget-Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.