The former couple has been engaged in a legal back and forth stretching well over the past year.

The ongoing drama between Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore took a strong turn for the worse after the Quality Control CEO aired out all of Galore’s business. Alleging that Galore used cocaine while pregnant, it appears that Thomas could face jail time if his ex-girlfriend has anything to do with it. In an exclusive […]

The beef between Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore is heating up to explosive levels. The Quality Control CEO upped the ante in his legal battle with Galore, showing off texts that reveal she sniffed some prime-time booger sugar while pregnant. As we shared earlier, Thomas vehemently denies being physically and emotionally abusive towards Galore […]

Recent allegations have surfaced stating that Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas physically and emotionally abused his former romantic partner Lira Galore while she was pregnant. Thomas is firing back with claims of his home, saying that Galore was actually the person who doled out abuse and that he’s been a solid parent. With reports […]


This tea is piping hot, and it’s delicious too. Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas is expecting a child with social media star Kaylar Will but in a petty rage confirmed his now ex-fiancée Lira Galore is pregnant as well. Pee told Offset to hold his beer because the rapper has nothing on this […]

Lira Galore is taking matters into her own hands after her leaked sex tape with an ex-boyfriend (not Rick Ross) caused an uproar on social media. The model proclaims the sex tape was posted without her consent and now she is pressing charges. Galore filed a police report and hired a lawyer to reprimand the people responsible for […]

Another day, another “leaked” sex tape. Lira Galore is the latest model to have their personal sex sessions uploaded to the Internet for the world to see. After graphic images and video of Lira and a guy being intimate hit social media on Friday, Rick Ross‘ former girlfried took to Twitter: Multiple sites reported […]

Lira Galore is getting candid about her troubled relationship with ex-fiancé Rozay.

Comedian Lil Duval decided to put in his two cents, insinuating that the hack was a "publicity stunt" for attention.

Lira Galore‘s Memorial Day weekend definitely ended with a bang, but probably not the way she had hoped. Rick Ross‘s ex-fiance got her Twitter hacked on Sunday and the hacker posted Lira’s steamy DM’s to a lot of well known celebs. Mike Epps may have a lot of making up to do with his wife […]