Lil Uzi has been in the headlines lately and this time it’s not for the popularity of his number 1 song, I Just Wanna Rock”. While performing at Rolling Loud a few weeks ago, the Philly native premiered a new song where he spits that he can make a city girl believe in Satan. To […]

Back in 2019, a fan ran into Lil Uzi at a mall outside of Philadelphia, King of Prussia Mall. The fan asked Uzi if he could help him with his tuition. Lil Uzi had one condition-he had to graduate. Lil Uzi Vert Agrees to Pays a Students $90,000 College Tuition “90 grand? I could […]

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Remember when Lil Uzi Vert was running around with an alleged $24 million diamond in the middle of his forehead? Well according to the Philly rapper, it was ripped out by fans during his set at Rolling Loud.

Now that it seems like Kanye is with the sh*ts, we wonder if he'll respond to Vert or if Pusha T will take on this one too.

'Eternal Atake' emcee Lil Uzi Vert proved that, unlike what Jay-Z once famously rapped, diamonds truly aren't forever by removing the $24 million pink diamond implanted into the middle of his forehead.


G Perico meanwhile wants everyone to know he keeps things a buck in his visuals to “Never Made A Statement” where he reassures the streets that he ain’t never drop a dime or give prosecutors anything to work with.

Vert seemed to confirm that he and City Girls' JT were boo'd up as he took to Twitter to show that he's there to keep her fed and happy.

One of Rap’s most polarizing personas is about to get even higher on his high horse. The man who has recently affixed an ornament to his face was just given a gem of a compliment from one of the greatest. As spotted on Complex Lil Uzi Vert shared a very interesting moment from his recent travels. On […]

Why we feel like Thugger might follow suit and start putting ice chips all over his brows and cheek bones? Just sayin.'


In honor of Lil Uzi's birthday, let's go back and listen to nine of our favorite songs from the Philly rockstar! 

Rihanna has not given us an album since 2016 and the Navy is getting a tad bit impatient considering she’s been teasing a new album forever now! Well Rih went on live Friday night with special guest Lil Uzi Vert that was super dope but things went a little left when a fan asked Rih […]