Lauryn Hill has been pissing people off for the last few years with her persistent lateness.

Don’t say anything to Lauryn Hill about her tardiness to her own shows because she will read you the riot act. The lauded R&B star…

Nicki Minaj is not sitting well with the rest of her American Idol castmates right now.  She was late for the show AGAIN, blaming Los Angeles traffic.  As we all know, the show MUST go on… and producers began taping without her.  Now Mariah Carey is not the only person complaining about Nicki’s unprofessional antics […]

  Are you always late for things? Are you always rushing? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have issues with time management. Many people suffer from this issue. Most people lost track of time and are always running late for things. But this is not a good thing and it has […]