Prayers are up for Tee Grizzley and his family home was recently robbed him of over $1 million in cash and jewelry. In a video he posted on social media, he states, “We have to watch what we speak into existence.” He also took the time to ask the world to send their love and […]

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The Chicago rapper, gunned down in November 2020, would have been 27 years old today.

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We're not sure what Quando Rondo's endgame is here, but he's talking, sort of. The Savannah, GA rapper recently sat down Angela Yee to discuss the King Von shooting that cut the up and coming rapper's life short and the details behind the tragedy.

While the Savannah, Ga. rapper has since moved on while expressing remorse, a recent response on Instagram suggests that the moment still looms heavily in Rondo's life.

On Wednesday (Jan 13), the now viral video of the altercation was released on Twitter after the two had been going back and forth on the site hurling insults at each other for hours, prompting Kayla to ask the “Karma Life” rapper to “drop her location” to settle things once and for all.


Back in Chicago fans of King Von still mourn his untimely death but the man was able to make a few visuals before his passing. “Wayne’s Story” is the latest posthumous clip from KV in which he tells the story of an innocent child turned killer. Such is life in the hood.

On Sunday (Nov 29), the "Come Find Me" rapper took to Instagram Live to end any rumored before with Louisiana native, NBA Youngboy, before revealing that both she and King Von have upcoming features with the "Toxic" rapper.

Apparently Quando Rondo was asleep in his car before waking up to an "angry" King Von and company. Evidently a fight broke out and unfortunately King Von and a few others were shot and killed.


Still, Tory seems to be taking everything in stride (including facing a prison sentence) and in his visuals to “Jokes On Me” finds himself with a knife in his back courtesy of a sexy young lady who proceeds to dispose of his body. Subliminal message?


Sources have confirmed that King Von has died due to injuries sustained after the shooting.

Two people were killed in a shooting early Friday morning the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta. Twitter says it was King Von...