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  This year, it seems that EVERYONE is doing their part (and then some) to make sure all of our students have what they need to succeed. Every year, Kevin Liles and his ‘For A Better Baltimore’ foundation team up with County Executive Kamenetz and Baltimore County Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance for their “Back To […]

Baltimore’s own Tate Kobang stopped by with his 300 Music Entertainment label heads Kevin Liles & Lyor Cohen to kick it with Kels in the Afternoon before taking the stage in front of his city last night (April 7). In the interview below, Tate discusses why it was important for him to include Baltimore artists […]

Imagine how you would celebrate Father’s Day although Dad was never there. What about if Dad was around but he wasn’t the best role model to look up to. What about if Mom plays the role of both Mom and Dad? Man Camp is designed to inform, motivate, and teach your young man(ages 10-17) ┬áto […]

Kevin Liles was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 27. Kevin Liles ascent from unpaid intern to president, author, philanthropist, motivational speaker and consultant to many entertainment and political boards began in 1991 when he became an unpaid intern for Def Jam in the Mid-Atlantic region. By 1993, he had become the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Manager […]

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare) 2900 Block of Presstman Street, Baltimore, MD When: 1987 What: Kevin Liles started as a rapper in the group Numarx, whose greatest feat was having their 1987 single “Girl You Know It’s True” re-recorded by Milli Vanilli a year later. The headache getting properly compensated for his […]

Mogul Kevin Liles was honored to join forces with the music industry’s top entertainers to campaign for the first African American President in US history, Barack Obama.

Kevin Liles recalls hearing the first Run DMC record, a classic.

It’s not a headline you read everyday: “Record Exec Launches Rap Career.” The typical order of events is for a rapper to get hired to run a label or at the least become an A&R after a few years of the mic hustle. But Kevin Liles’ cousin Tony Austin is not used to doing things […]