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Being that Katherine Jackson is well into her 80’s, you would think the drama in her life would come to an end (or at least slow down a little). But the Jackson family matriarch is crying out for help against her violent nephew in law. TMZ reports that Mrs. Jackson filed legal docs in Los Angeles […]

A Los Angeles jury reached a verdict in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death case today, and unfortunately for his mother Katherine, the court did not rule…

  Twitter is a dangerous thing especially when you are a family as popular as the Jackson’s. It seems like Paris has been listening to one of her father’s records “Wanna Be Starting Something” because lately she’s been going hard in the paint against her relatives. These videos below can paint a better picture, bottom […]

Paris Jackson informed the world via Twitter that she hasn’t heard from or seen her grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson, and some of Paris’…

Diana Ross will get Michael Jackson’s kids if Katherine Jackson in unable to care for them or dies. Michael stated in his will that should Katherine be incapable of tending to his kids, that his longtime friend Diana Ross was to be named their legal guardian and take custody of the kids. Radaronline is confirming  […]

Katherine Jackson, the late, great Michael Jackson’s mother, is claiming that guy in charge of Michael’s estate, John Branca, is a crook who stole from the singer, and to top it off, she claims Michael never liked or trusted the man, or so say the legal documents obtained by TMZ. TMZ claims that Katherine is […]

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson is trying to evict Alejandra Jackson, Randy/Jermaine’s baby mama, and her kids from the family home in Encino, which was previously owned by MJ and is now owned by the Estate. According to tmz.com, Katherine and her lawyers asked Alejandra and her kids to leave months ago, following the stun […]

Via: Oprah.com Oprah always grabs the interviews that no one else can ever seem to land. She asked all the right questions in the highly anticipated interview with MJ’s parents and children. This heartfelt interview touched on the Michael before the fame, battling his drug addiction as well as his children’s outlook on life after […]

Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson finally opened up to Oprah about reports of “whippings” he served up to prevent his nine kids from “going bad.” Joe Jackson has often denied his most famous son’s allegations of beatings and whippings and he attempted to avoid the subject completely when Oprah Winfrey asked him to be honest […]

We all knew that after Michael Jackson’s death that there would be a series of posthumous releases that would put 2pac to shame, but we didn’t think it would go down like this.

Oprah’s interview with Michael Jackson’s family is set to air Monday, November 8. Until then, a preview has been released showing clips of the host’s candid interviews with the King of Pop’s parents Katherine and Joseph, as well as his children Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Watch the sneak peek below: Oprah & Gayle Joke About […]