in the near future you will need to have these skills or try to learn them. Food is a part of your life and them fuel your body needs to survive. The foods here are some of the easiest foods to regrow. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that you can replant […]

The human body is a machine that really works off of good food an energy! You body is like a car so you need to put the right gas in to get out the right energy.. Food is fuel for you and you have to get away from the processed foods that have no nutritional […]

The Arteries need to be clear or cleaned out from time to time because they keep your blood flowing to all parts of your body. If your arteries are clogged you could have a stroke or die from the lack of blood flow. These foods and herbs are right in front of you and you […]

The biggest problem with going into a New Year is our goals for the New Year. Some people don’t set realistic goals and get side tracked or stop before they get started. It’s not going to easy but it will be rewarding after you see your results. Source: 2018 Workout Follow Me On Instagram NOW […]

The benefits of living a healthy life is you can feel better mentally and pysically. You can do more and live a more full filled life. You can enjoy doing the samethings you did when you were younger but with a few limitations. Age is just a number when you live a healthy life. Strive […]

The Holidays are here and you need to enjoy yourself. Eating lots of food is part of the celebration and you can try some foods that will help you watch your weight. Don’t stress about what you eat because you will make yourself gain weight but eat smaller portions. Don’t skip dessert!! Source: Eat For […]

What you eat is a big deal if you are trying to lose weight. I know that most people think they need to run miles a day and count calories daily just to lose weight, but that’s not true. You have to commit to a daily routine and eating right. What you eat daily is […]