When a boy fell into the gorilla pen at a zoo in Cincinnati, a gorilla named Harambe was shot to death in order to protect him. This story immediately went viral, sparking outrage on social media. The uproar came in part from people lamenting about the loss of a creature’s life; people expressing this sentiment did not […]

This photo has gone viral.  We don’t know why, or what she did that he had to draw his weapon.  But with the recent death of Sandra Bland and soooooo many others due to over aggressive cops, this is just another low blow to the black community.  Especially for black women.  As details emerge, we […]

Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. What do you think is fueling the violence in Baltimore, should the Mayor’s leadership be in questioned? @DreJohnson1 No its these dumb mofo’s running around killing folk is to blame killing dreams…. (cont) — Beard & Belly (@MRFTS) May 26, 2015 Tavon Davis Being Oppressed for yrs has probably been the number […]

Via  A six-year-old from Silver Spring was suspended from school after making shooting  gestures at another student. The family of the minor is very upset with the schools decision to suspend for a day. They feel the school could have imposed a lesser consequence. Read More Should Ray Lewis Have Waited To Make Announcement Can’t Celebrate […]

Via  On Saturday, Baltimore Police conducted a gun buy back. In lieu of the Friday Sandy Hook shooting, the event had been scheduled months in advance to take place this past weekend. Shop Rite Supermarket sponsored the event and offered $100 store gift cards for anyone who surrendered a fire arm. The effort brought 461 guns out of homes and off the […]

Jennifer Lacy (photo left), Chamique Holdsclaw (photo right) Chamique Holdsclaw, one of the top WNBA legends, is now wanted in the state of Georgia after attempting to kill her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy.  Lacy, who recently broke off her relationship with Holdsclaw, noticed she was being followed after leaving a practice. Lacy was scared and called […]

Rapper Gunplay aka Richard Morales Jr., has been living up to his name and making headlines. He pulled a gun on his accountant and the entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras. The rapper stole his accountant’s cell phone and gold chain during the argument. He was eventually charged with armed robbery and also faces a […]

Today, the wire blew up with reports that rapper Nelly‘s tour bus was raided by border control. During the search, Nelly and his team were detained by police and heroin, marijuana, and a loaded .45 caliber pistol were seized from the vehicle. Although one of Nelly’s boys took the rap for the drugs and gun, […]

George Zimmerman walked out of Seminole County jail just after midnight (April 23rd) after posting a $150,000 bail. He put down $15,000 to be released and headed off in a white BMW. He has to adhere to an evening curfew, had to turn in his passport and is not allowed to possess a gun. However, […]

Via: Vinta Police kicked down the door of 73-year-old Darlene Mayes’ home on Monday, what met them on the other side of the door was: 4 pounds of pot, $276,000 in cash, a semiautomatic pistol, and a revolver. Mayes first claimed the cash was a part of her retirement fund. They believed she supplied about […]