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Sasha Obama was noticeably absent during President Obama's final speech on Tuesday. According to reports, she was studying for an exam.

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This election year has to be one of the craziest and most ridiculous races in recent memory. In the latest bout of GOP ridiculousness, a Tennessee Congressional candidate caused a major uproar when he displayed a racist campaign sign.   According to various reports, independent candidate Rick Tyler, who is currently in the race for […]

Donald Trump running for president is a never-ending series of conflicts.

Dr. Ben Carson will endorse Donald Trump for the GOP nomination, various sources close to Carson confirmed to NBC News Thursday.

Declaring his love for voters who swept him to victory Tuesday in the Nevada presidential caucuses, Donald Trump claimed his third straight victory in an early voting state.

In an effort to reach young voters who have been turning up at the polls in droves, Dr. Carson is using his rap "Freedom" promo to "inspire" people to vote for him in 2016.


Ten presidential hopefuls from the Republican party vying for their shot at a seat in the White House descended on the city of Cleveland, Ohio…

Data journalist Nate Silver predicted the 2012 Presidential outcomes in every state. Now he says the Republican Party has a good chance to take back…

Now that the government shutdown is here how long will it last? According to ABC news: It now appears likely the shutdown will drag on all week — and potentially beyond that…If this drags on into next week, and it easily could, the shutdown will be overshadowed by the far bigger problem… Check out full […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on the #governmentshutdown? Who’s to blame? Blue Dude 1914‏@BluRevDr7 @DreJohnson1 who would not want a job that they get paid for , but don’t have to do their job. (((((IN MY SCHOOL DAYZ VOICE))))). #WAKEUP iam Manny‏@A_1_AVE @DreJohnson1 congress is to blame they hate the fact that a black […]

First they cut Head Start programs and Pre-K  and now this.  Thanks to our wonderful congress and their ridiculous battle to stop Obamacare, the government has shutdown.  So who will suffer from the shutdown? NOT Congress… They will continue to work and get paid 170,000+ per year.   Who will be effected?   The babies […]