George Jefferson

Sherman Hemsley died at his Texas home on July 24. But three months later the former star who played George Jefferson on “The Jeffersons” has yet to be laid to rest. CLICK TO HEAR THE FULL STORY. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER & INSTAGRAM @DreJohnson1

  Actor and famous TV Icon Sherman Hemsley autopsy has been released and it was revealed that his leading cause of death was due to Lung Cancer. Based on reports according to TMZ it was labled as “superior vena cava syndrome” — a complication resulting from a mass on Sherman’s lung. According to the report, […]

Sherman Hemsley, best known for his leading role on ‘The Jeffersons’ is dead at age 74. The cause of  death is unclear, and the actor passed away at his El Paso, Texas, home. Hemsley became a household name as George Jefferson, on the iconic sitcom for a decade. The actor went on to appear in […]