They have us believe that carbs are bad if you have too much. The doctors and fitness pros tell us which foods they think are low in carbs. Are they right or do we check behind them or just take their word for it, because all information should be double checked. Even My INFO!! The […]

A new study about processed foods show that people that eat processed foods are more likely to gain unhealthy weight. You can get the same calories from a better source of food and not gain the same weight that you would from processed foods. Researchers have said for years that ready to go foods cause […]

The reason those who workout regularly hit plateaus is because they do the same things over and over. What I mean by that is… most people don’t know that they need to switch up their workout routines! You have to change up your reps and exercises because the body will adjust to all workouts and […]

The best workouts are those that work and make you feel better. You will first get sore and that is a sign of growth, so make sure you stay focused on your goal as you push yourself. I want you to see your vision clearly and picture the body you want. Source: Weight Control Follow […]

Ko Show Fitness has been going strong for a long time but 2018 is about to be a record breaking year. I have teamed up with several people that will help you get on track and stay on track. Our local celebrities and friends will help you get in shape. I will help you become […]

The Holidays are here and you need to enjoy yourself. Eating lots of food is part of the celebration and you can try some foods that will help you watch your weight. Don’t stress about what you eat because you will make yourself gain weight but eat smaller portions. Don’t skip dessert!! Source: Eat For […]