Making disrespectful racial jokes seems to be all the rage in the NFL. Despite being in the midst of a firestorm surrounding Miami Dolphins players…

Nicki Minaj just released her new clothing line for K-Mart and according to critics, that’s definitely where it belongs… but in the clearance section, though.  Seriously, Nicki’s most loyal fans wouldn’t DRESS like Nicki everyday in the street.  Fashion heads are comparing her clothing to the $5 sale rack at Rainbow (ouch).  Well, we have […]

Miley Cyrus‘ album Bangerz dropped today (Oct 8th) and was hit with mixed reviews.  Adding to the fanfare, Miley’s latest photo shoot with renowned photog Terry Richardson has caused quite a stir… but that’s been Miley’s motive lately, hasn’t it??? See the racy photos below and check out some Twitter reactions: Click to see the […]

You see so many sides of Rihanna and this is a video that may possibly show here true side?? Well, you tell me what you think…. News according to Bossip: Rihanna tells fans to back it up when they blocked her way to her SUV after shopping at American Apparel in the West Village in […]

                 Rihanna better fix up and look sharp at her next tour stop because she caught major heat from her fans in Gdynia, Poland. After…

Lil Kim‘s face is always making news but her most recent performance at New Jersey’s MET LIFE Stadium sparked a lot of controversy.  Fans say the “Queen Bee” was almost unrecognizable and event coordinators had to confirm it was actually Lil Kim before they let her get on stage and perform. See the many faces […]

Video courtesy of Jasmine Key Through a brief intermission at Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour in Baltimore, the crowd was grooving to some familiar sounds until the DJ played the infamous “Harlem Shake” song, this hit has gone viral on the internet since the beginning of the year. The crowd went crazy and it was said to be […]

King Beyonce received some “not so royal” treatment during her Mrs. Carter Tour stop in Serbia.  Some crazed fans got their hands on King Bey and managed to grab her hair and shove her around, without much interference from her big bodyguard.  I would imagine that somebody is FIRED!!!   :::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM […]

Okay, so am I the only one that’s frustrated that I can’t watch my new episodes of Scandal whenever I want?? ABC takes these three week breaks and makes us wait for new episodes. Season 2 is even available on Netfilx yet… I mean COME ON! Apparently, I’m NOT the only one feeling the pain […]

The Ravens have undeniably earned their spot at Super Bowl XLVII. So, today the city of Baltimore hosted a “send off” pep rally for the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore Ravens fans have been noted as some of the best NFL in the nation. Fans gathered this afternoon despite the weather conditions.  Purple pride isn’t scarce in this city! With the City lite […]

Saturday was a day like no other. What a glorious win and a glorious day in B’more! We kicked off our show at 3pm saying it “was all purple ery-thang” and then I, Alichia Cruz, hit the streets looking for people reppin that purple…and it wasn’t hard to find. While my partner, Dre Johnson, held […]

Recently, Beyonce signed a deal with Pepsi worth an astronomical $50 million. Now, Pepsi wants to give YOU the chance to join your favorite performer on stage! Click HERE …And don’t say we didn’t tell you about it. :-)