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Im sure we all that that one friend or family member thats has no clue how to conduct themeselves during Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s a time to come together and be thankful not bash others or eat up all the greens before uncle Joe gets any.  Check out this list we created you may want to post it on the front door just to be safe!

DO:  Show up on time

DON’T: Show up with Tupperware or aluminum foil

DO: Bring a dessert or a bottle of wine

DON’T: Bring a guest that just got out of prison

DO: Offer to clean up

DON’T: Offer to clean up the liquor cabinet

DO: Excuse yourself from the table

DON’T: Express yourself at the table! (insert sound bites)

DO: Leave 2 to 3 hours after you eat

DON’T: Leave immediately following or be the last one to leave! (we want to go to bed)

DO: Enjoy every minute with your family

DON’T: Leave your pervert uncle in the room with the neighbor’s kids

DO: Offer to help pay for the meal

DON’T: Offer if you don’t have it

DO: compliment the chef on how good the turkey is

DON’T: complain about how dry the turkey actually is

DO: Offer to say grace

DON’T: Let the drunk aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, baby-daddy or the Baptist preacher in the family say grace

DO: Sit down and enjoy family time watching the football game

DON’T: ask stupid questions like “Who are those guys in the stripped shirts?” (Are you serious?)