Cancel culture didn’t officially become a thing until 2019. Sure, folks on Twitter were “cancelling” celebs left and right before, but nothing actually stuck. However, this year, we actually got to see the great power behind the public’s opinion. Some say cancel culture has gone too far, while others say it hasn’t gone far enough. […]

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Daniel Caesar has apologized. The R&B crooner says my bad for caping for YesJulz and saying that Black people shouldn’t be so mean to white people, sort of. Days after getting canceled, Caesar made his apology via the same method he put his foot in his mouth, on Instagram Live. “I was talking down to […] Damn, I hope it’s not time to cancel Daniel Caesar. He has great music. Caesar went on Instagram Live to drunk rant to express his thoughts on Black people, celebrities and more. The rant kicked off with Caesar asking why black people were mean to social influencer YesJulz who was recently involved in a Twitter […]

Offset and Cardi B have been making headlines after breaking up and him stopping her show to give a public apology.