Cartoonist Glenn McCoy who caught heat Tuesday for depicting U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as Ruby Bridges -- the African-American girl in Norman Rockwell's southern school desegregation painting "The Problem We All Live With" -- explained his controversial decision Wednesday.

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Civil rights activists fear the outcome of a DOJ probe into Freddie Gray’s case under the Trump administration.


He says Rep. Lewis should “spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

Federal officials conclude that closing and reducing services in driver license's centers in Alabama violates civil rights, reaching an agreement Wednesday with the state law enforcement agency to ensure "that all Alabama residents have access to driver licensing programs, regardless of race, color or national origin."

The Education Department accesses civil rights gains under President Obama. Activists are preparing for rollbacks under Trump's administration.

New York firefighter Jason Stokes pleaded not guilty to arson charges earlier this week after being charged with setting fire to his own home back in August.

We need to educate ourselves about our Constitutional and civil rights.. ‪#‎DreThought‬    


On Tuesday, former congressman and civil rights legend Walter Fauntroy was expected to go before a judge.


While it may be evident that the movement is the largest Black liberation movement in recent history, some still ask if Black Lives Matter the new voice for the unheard?

Bobby's been spending a lot of time in the law library and says many of his rights are being violated.

Dallas-based pastor and friend of the show, Dr. Fredrick D. Haynes III, will be inducted in the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame in Atlanta on January 22nd,…