city budget

The final day of the fiscal year marks the elimination of 100 city positions and forced retirement

Analysts warn of income tax impact and tough times ahead.

The spending plan should be completed by Monday.

The latest proposal, cuts overall benefits and increases the years of service required to retire. The council is also looking into changing the cost of living raises and almost double the contribution rate, to 10% from six percent.

After being hit with a lawsuit from the police and firefighter unions, the City is scrambling to come up with another proposal to save pensions.

Via: Baltimore Sun Baltimore fire officials have released the locations of the three fire houses expected to close for good if funs are not found elsewhere to balance the budget. Those locations are: Engine 36, along Edmondson Avenue in the Midtown-Edmondson neighborhood; Engine 52 near Mondawmin Mall and Druid Hill Park in Parkview/Woodbrook; and Truck […]

Hike in rates is part of a proposed plan to close the city budget shortfall.

Many city jobs and services are at risk of being eliminated due to budget constraints. Where is the line drawn on necessities and what is convenient?

The proposed bottle tax alarmed city residents and officials felt the need to clarify conditions of the plan.

Say goodbye to the four-cent bottle tax. City Council has come up with an alternative plan to lessen the gap in the City's budget.

Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy is considering taking legal action over Mayor Rawlings-Blake's recent cuts in the city's budget.