The controversial actor must've gotten word from Rih's Navy to apologize to the star – or else.

Two years after the epic, unexpected feud, Charlie Sheen's still being disrespectful.

In an interesting twist to an already controversial story, Charlie Sheen revealed he temporarily went off his HIV medications.

The new 'Kimoji' app filled with Kardashian-themed emojis is reportedly making around $1 million per minute.

Charlie's former "goddess" girlfriend Natalie Kenly is now defending her ex-boyfriend against accusations made by his other ex, Bree Olson

After Charlie Sheen announced he is HIV positive his ex Bree Olson claimed the two not only went unprotected but from time to time they would use lambskin condoms. From what I read lambskin condoms is basically like having unprotected sex, the only difference is it does help against pregnancy but has zero protection on […]

Magic Johnson wants Charlie Sheen on his team in the fight against HIV. If you’ve paid any attention to TV or online news, you know by now that Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he’s HIV positive. As another celebrity with HIV, Magic took the opportunity to reach out and show his support. “I wish @CharlieSheen […]

Charlie Sheen is facing some serious allegations after announcing he is HIV positive, his ex porn star girlfriend Bree Olson claims he never told her about having the disease. As I previously reported Charlie Sheen could face jail time for exposing his sex partners and even serious time for exposing the diseases without the partner […]

After many different speculations and millions of dollars in blackmail actor Charlie Sheen has admitted to being HIV positive. Charlie now doesn’t only have to worry about his health but also his freedom. He also admitted to having unprotected sex while being HIV positive, in the state of California it’s a crime for someone to […]

Actor Charlie Sheen announces this morning on Today, that he is HIV positive. The 50-year-old actor says he was diagnosed about 4 years ago. RELATED: Will Charlie Sheen Reveal He’s HIV Positive This Week? Charlie Sheen TRASHES Rihanna On Twitter [PHOTOS]