"Bad Girls Club" star Judi was arrested for a DUI last month, but escaped while police searched her car. She never showed up for court & is now wanted by police.

Bad Girls Club star Catya Washington spills all the details of the relationship with Drake including his ‘peach’ eating skills, whether he’s had a threesome and Drake’s manhood size! Hear the whole interview HERE

The Bad Girls Club get it in! The backseat of the limo is the boxing ring and they use it. When you keep poppin off with your mouth. You might get popped in it and that’s what happens here!

“Bad Girls” reality star Catya Washington was released from a Philadelphia jail Friday after spending a few days behind bars for violating her probation … a violation that stems from a massive drug and gun bust back in November. According to court records, Catya has been placed back on a house arrest program … in […]

“Bad Girls Club” star Catya Washington found herself on her way to jail on December 29th.

Catya Washington of “Bad Girls Club” who was recently arrested cannot come up with the cash needed to make bail. The “Bad Girls Club” hellraiser is $30,000 short of making bail,and TMZ has learned, her family is scrambling to come up with the cash online. Catya needs to post at least $50,000 of her $500,000 […]

Our favorite Bad Girl Club ex-member Catya Washington has been busted in Philly for drug possession. The triple D babe was caught with cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy and one firearm.

Catya Washington of “Bad Girls Club” fame was arrested yesterday after she was caught possessing cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms and a gun according tmz.com. Catya was booked on five charges — including possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an instrument of crime. Washington’s bail was set at a […]

Did Natalie Nunn from The Bad Girls Club get butt implants?

On Part II of “The Bad Girls Club” reunion, host Perez Hilton asks housemate Natalie Nunn, a rumored ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, to set the record straight on her commentary on the Rihanna beating, for which she once said “She’s a punk b****! She got her ass beat for a reason!”

Last night on the Bad Girls Club, Natalie Nunn claimed she and Rihanna had a run in at a night club that security had to break up.