The Back has some of the largest muscles in the human body. The energy it takes to grow those muscle can burn plenty of fat and build your body mass fast. The various muscle in the back all need to worked on a regular but you don’t need to hit the gym to do it. […]

The body can be a fat burning machine if you do what you need to do. The body will adjust to what you give it or order it to do. Push your body to it’s limit and you will see the benefit. Chest workouts mixed with back and Abs will change your life and your […]

Some people want to know the best day to do Delts… It is really up to you but you should think like I do, because I like working my Delts on my Back Day at the gym. It is the back of the Shoulder and it doesn’t put extra stress on my Shoulder workout. Fatigued […]

The back workout can change your life and help you continue to lose weight. The back has the largest muscle groups in the body along with the legs, so you burn fat long after your workout is done. I enjoy my back workout because a wide back makes a small waist. Source: Back Follow Me […]

The best thing you can do for yourself is workout your upper and lower back. The back helps us get things done and all your nerve endings are in the back, so it’s important to build your back muscles. The back muscle are some of the largest muscles in the human body. Read More: Back […]

Rihanna is saying she is not about the C-Breezy life however they’ve been spotted together several times and she told Oprah she still loves him. We had to check with our sources to see what’s good. We caught up with one of Rih-Rih’s neighbor in the Barbados. CLICK TO HEAR WHAT HER NEIGHBOR HAD TO […]

Stacey Dash poses with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan Okay, so Stacey Dash is really working this campaign. First, she released pics of herself in a red bathing suit endorsing Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Just weeks later she is seen posing with Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan. Remember that Dash and Lisa Raye […]

She’s still NOTORIOUS… and no we’re not talking Lil Kim. With the anticipated success of TV One‘s new reality show, R&B Divas, Faith Evans is BACK BABY!!! She’s wasting no time introducing the world to her new music. Check out her new song entitled Tears of Joy HERE Follow iiKane on Twitter @ekanetweets