As sports seasons are erupting throughout the week we are starting to noticing a trend in some of the wildest athletes names parents are giving to their children. These kids are becoming or have become household names across the sports landscape. Some of the names over the last five years are below: DaColdest Crawford General […]

Student Athletes may finally get the “Athletic Reparations” that is definitely long overdue. About a month ago the Governor of the State of California signed a bill in action on the HBO hit series, ” The Shop” executive produced by NBA Star and Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward LeBron James. The bill allows student athletes […]

The former couple who still remain friends sat down for a one-on-one interview for ESPN.

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Ever since the news first broke that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick publicly announced that he would no longer stand during the national anthem due to the way black people are treated in this country, there have been a flood of opinions of both support and disagreement. On Tuesday, former NFL player Rodney Harrison […]

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It goes without saying that Serena Williams is one of the greatest female athletes of all-time, but you may be surprised to know that she has other interesting talents and she is sharing one of them in a cute new video.   To promote her new cover of Self magazine, Serena Williams was captured in […]

Former NFL player Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his prison cell on Wednesday, Jan. 13. He was 40-years-old. Phillips was serving time at the Karn Valley State Prison in California, where his death is being investigated as a suicide. It’s not confirmed as being related, but he’d been under investigation for the murder of […]

Serena Williams is now one step closer to solidifying her place in history as the greatest female tennis player of all time with another U.S.…

Baseball player Prince Fielder posed nude for ESPN magazine and the internet went crazy! Is he a sexy big guy or just a fat guy? Are big/ fluffy men sexy? It depends on the man. But ummm yeah I like big men. He’s the same size as my sexy boothang…yes..gimme all that bear…I wont […]

Courtesy of TMZ: Dean “The Dream” Meminger — who helped the NY Knicks clinch the 1973 NBA title — was found dead in his hotel room Friday … wearing his championship ring. Meminger was found unconscious inside his NYC hotel room by staff members after failing to check out. He was pronounced dead on the scene. There were […]

“Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna” and “Brown Arrested After Alleged Attack On Rihanna” were only two of the many headlines demonizing Brown as a women beater in February 2009. In September 2010, headlines read “Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Accused of Assualting Girlfriend” and “Mayweather Goes Down Swinging At Girlfriend.” What’s the difference? Mayweather is armed and dangerous […]