Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby together on Monday praised a pair of city police officers who testified against fellow officer Wesley Cagle. Cagle was found guilty of first-degree assault last week after prosecutors say he shot Michael Johansen in the groin following a burglary in December 2014. Cagle had been […]

So the Mrs. Carter tour kicked off in Belgrade, Serbia and things were going well until Beysus decided to walk through the crowd during her performance.   Unfortunately, her Serbian fans didn’t know how to act.  She got smacked around and someone even pulled her weave.  Hope she reconsiders this part of her show….I’m worred […]

Via: Five Poly-Tech students face felony charges for allegedly beating a classmate, then stealing her backpack containing her iPhone, books, and keys. The incident happened last month, when the girls cornered the victim the student at Cold Spring Lane light rail. All five girls are being charged with armed robbery, first-degree assault, and reckless […]

Last week, Jennifer Williams did an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, and she claims that Evelyn is jealous of her relationship with Nene Leakes and Swizz Beatz ex-wife, Mashonda. Speaking with NecoleBitchie shortly after finding out about the interview that was supposed to be “off the record”, Evelyn is speaking on her “beef” with […]

Wow! Like… you hear stories about this guy but Shia must have really pissed this guy off to make him beat him up in public in front of everyone! Where was Shia’s security?? Where was a friend? Help!  WATCH HERE

Authorities down in Atlanta have confirmed that rapper, Gucci Mane (born Radric Davis) is going back to jail for 6 months. Moments ago, he pled guilty to battery and other charges. This stems back to January 28th when Gucci pushed a female out of his Hummer. State Court Judge Eleanor Ross sentenced the rapper to […]


Bmore's own <strong>Mario</strong> has been arrested. Get the details.