Aaron McGruder

John Witherspoon raised plenty of eyes and ears when he recently said that The Boondocks, the animated series based on Aaron McGruder‘s timeless comic strip was coming back. Now, it’s official. The show is coming back not only with Witherspoon but the show’s creator Aaron McGruder, who exited after season 3 and why some Boondocks fans hardly acknowledge the […]

Even though the Internets remain undefeated The Boondocks brought a different type of cultural analysis through satire. Thankfully it is back—wellm sort of. Charlamagne Tha God took to his Instagram account to announce that Aaron McGruder has been in the lab working on reviving the cult comic strip. The host of The Breakfast Club posted a message […]

The controversy surrounding the “Pause” episode of The Boondocks continues.

Did last Sunday’s episode of “The Boondocks” hit too close to home for Tyler Perry?