Today, the brothers off Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. are celebrating their 53rd anniversary. Founded in 1963, 12 brothers joined to form a great bond in the name of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, fidelity, and brotherhood. Founded at Morgan State, Iotas have been a pivotal part of the growth of Baltimore. So today…..and all week, when […]

Man, I can’t wait til next week. Not only am I going on vacation, but I’m renewing my vows! Yup, Saying I do for the 2nd time to my Queen Ajah. Just thinking bout it makes me wanna cry….. (SIKE) !!! IM A GROWN MAN!!! LOL. but this video right here…. had me in my […]

Last night ……smh….. last night made me …… (sigh)….Listen…… Who told Rich Homie Quan to do his part? Who told him to wear those jeggins? Messed the whole song up!!!!!! BASTARD!!! Here you go RHQ, learn the damn words! EXPLICIT LYRICS PARENTAL ADVISORY

So me, Kelson, and Steff Skeemz are sitting in the studio talking about everything from the Alton Sterling incident to life being black. I asked a question that made everybody stop in their tracks …. Is there really a God? Is there proof? So I googled it…. found a lot of interesting videos, but this […]

Well since the season is over and the Cavs are the 2016 Champs, let’s take a look back at our best thing about Basketball….THE FIGHTING! Yup, we all love a good scuffle or two. Well here’s the top 10 best NBA fights. I’m sure Kobe getting 2 pieced is up in here. And who could […]

Man, I love battle rap. URL, KOTD, barbershop, street corner, it don’t matter. But one of my favorites is a dude from here. Yup…. coming out of Harford County killing everything in sight. Tay Roc is a super force to be reckoned with. Watch as he destroy this chick (don’t even know why) but hey… […]

…. Yup, remember when Jay Z took over Hot 97 and bought the whole damn label with him?!! Beans, Bleek, Free, Oskino and Sparks… and even grabbed 2 young gunners with him (Get it…young gunners). Best night of Hip Hop’s life on radio. They could have kept this dude named “H Money Bags” home. My […]

Much respect to the undisputed best boxer EVER! I wish I was older enough to see Mr. “Float like a butterfly” fight a bout but, God called him house to be with Him. There will never be another Muhammad Ali. He have every athlete a voice. Never bit his tongue and stood up for our […]

You know It’s bad when you can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. Story in Thailand is that a man was taking a number 2 when all of the sudden, a damn PYTHON came through the pipe of the toilet and…… well….. see for yourself.

Don’t you hate those people that be in the gym ….. lifting everything ….. like they’re Thor or The Hulk? Then try to tell you how you should be exercising? How bout you get the HELL OUTTA MY FACE!!! LOL… and go get some self esteem LOL. When you see this video, you’ll agree with […]

This had me dying today….. I remember seeing this a long time ago. Please do yourself a favor and check this out…. I bet you not tougher than these dudes…PUNKS LOL!! CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

That’s right…. A TRANSFORMER! And not just any old one…. probably the best (In somebody’s opinion) The Construticons! Yup, I’ve always been #teamdecepticon since day 1. Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, even stupid Starscream. I was so pumped when i saw the box (tear drop) but for those that don’t know what I’m talking bout, watch this!!!