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Astroworld Festival 2021

Source: Erika Goldring / Getty

Our deepest condolences goes out to the families and friends who lost their loved one last night in Houston at Traivis Scott’s Astroworld Tour.

In an out of control crowd of 50,000 more than 8 people lost their lives on a night they had been waiting for since 2018, when the Astroworld Tour was postponed due to COVID restricitions. Who would have known that this last night would be their last.

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It’s even harder to accept that one of these fallen angels was only 10 years old. Thomas Drought was the name of the 10 year old boy who was found deeply bruised with head injuries on the floor of the at Astroworld Fest.

Jordan Cauc, a young teen boy, who also reportedly passed away at Travis Scott’s Festival.

As the names of those who passed continue to be revealed, we will remember their lives.

As best said by Lina Hidalgo, the county judge of Harris County, says, “Our hearts are broken. People go to these events looking for a good time, a chance to unwind, to make memories – it’s not the kind of event you go to where you expect to find out about fatalities.”

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Remembering The People Who Lost Their Lives at Astroworld Festival [Photos]  was originally published on wrnbhd2.com

1. Thomas Drought, 10 Years Old

2. Jordan Cauc, Teenager