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After many weeks of unconfirmed reports about Queen Elizabeth II’s health, popular gossip blog Hollywood Unlocked made a shocking claim that a source within the Royal Kingdom confirmed to them that she passed away today.

However, after many hours passing with HU being the only outlet to report the news, it now appears that Jason Lee & co. might be in some serious trouble with Buckingham Place if it proves to be a false report as everyone is currently assuming.



The gossip site ran by infamous media blogger Jason Lee alleges that “sources close to the Royal Kingdom” confirmed the report of her death with them. Per the outlet, Elizabeth II was headed to the wedding of British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful before she was allegedly found dead.

Outside of the premature death announcement itself, what made the report feel so odd is that not even official accounts of The Royal Family posted the news, yet we’re supposed to believe that a “source” gave such sensitive news to Lee as a “HU Exclusive” complete with social graphics and a news article to link back to.

Queen Elizabeth II, born April 21, 1926, has served as Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms beginning at the age of 26 on February 6, 1952 following the death of her father, King George VI. She lived the life of a literal princess before taking throne, having portraits made of her by world renowned painters and even appearing on the April 1929 cover of TIME Magazine at the age of three. Earlier this month began her Platinum Jubilee, signifying 70 years since she acceding to the throne.


The apparent fake news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death stems from a trend of her not attending recent public events and confirmation earlier this week from Buckingham Palace that she had contracted COVID-19. Her condition has been described as “mild cold-like symptoms” according to CNN, with expectations that she’ll continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.

As expected, Jason Lee and Hollywood Unlocked have began trending on social media after BNO News became the first outlet to denounce HU’s original report as false.

Take a look below at the current roast session that Jason Lee and Hollywood Unlocked are receiving for the false death announcement of Queen Elizabeth II. We’re praying it remains a rumor, though:

Unconfirmed Report Falsely Claims Queen Elizabeth II Has Passed Away  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

1. Prince Harry gone beat Jason Lee ass

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2. The Queen to Jason Lee:

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4. Somebody from Lizzy camp need to dm me cause I have information that can lead to the arrest of Jason Lee.

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5. Praying Jason lee got the exclusive wrong so he can get hit w a big lawsuit

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6. they are gonna have jason lee strung up with her good pearls for this but if he ends up being who breaks the news first, that’ll be a GAGGGGG

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7. Jason Lee said the Queen died getting ready for a black man’s wedding. U cant tell me he’s not going to hell. This was the entertainment I needed man.

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8. I don’t trust Jason Lee. Because who is running to tell him Queen Elizabeth died before TMZ???

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9. Jason Lee better pray he not the next Tasha K

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10. When Queen Elizabeth is still alive and Jason Lee gets sued

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11. jason lee when he gets a phone call with a british area code

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12. There’s actually tears in my eyes, Jason Lee said the royal family told him first

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13. jason lee when the royals sue him for posting a fake confirmation the queen died:

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14. Do you think they had to explain to the queen who Jason Lee is?

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15. wym the queen died. and wym the source is jason lee.

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