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Although folks kept pulling for them, it appears that the high-profile union of Cardi B and Offset is coming to an end due to the Migos rapper’s inability to keep it in his pants, allegedly. It appears that Set was trying to, ahem, set off a threesome with Cuban Doll and another woman.

We’ll try to break this down and go slow with it.

It looks like Cuban Doll’s former best friend leaked a series of texts from Offset texting one of her friends and trying to set up the sex romp. Apparently, Offset hoped to get Cuban Doll and another woman to meet him but Cuban had a show in Milwaukee and couldn’t make it. Then, Offset offered to fly the women to meet him in Atlanta. The kicker here is that his wife, Cardi, was pregnant with baby Kulture at the time.

Adding to the mess, the ex-friend posted images of a Facetime call between Offset and Cuban, tagging Cardi B in the Instagram posts just to egg on the drama as it were. Offset attempted to clear up things by saying via his Instagram story, “I never tried to convo with you hoes cap cap cap. Leave me and my fam out the cap. Busted ass hoes with no bag. Good on the thots.”

No matter how it’s broken down, it’s looking quiet for Offset right now.

Hit the gallery below to see the drama unfold.

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