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Last week on Love & Hip Hop New York, Olivia returned to the franchise, and she has a bone to pick with her former friend and manager, Rich Dollaz, accusing him of stealing money from her. That drama picks right back up in this week’s episode with Rich trying to get to the bottom of things, and Yandy and Kimbella almost putting hands on each other.

The episode opens up with Jonathan and his nephew, Derek, who was born with  Arthrogryposis. The condition affects the joints and binds them together and in Derek’s case, taking away his ability to walk. Jonathan reveals to Cyn and Yandy that doctors are suggesting that his nephew’s legs be amputated, but there is one doctor in Spain who is willing to operate on Derek, but it’s going to cost  $160,000.

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Jonathan breaks down because he would be able to pay for it, but he squandered all of his money on drugs and partying. Yandy can’t stand to see a child suffer vows to help Jonathan and suggests the idea of a “jumpathon” to raise money.

Jonathan is looking to get all his friends involved to help out. So he meets up with the ladies of Dipset, Chrissy, and Kimbella. He invites them to come, but they have reservations because Yandy is going to be there. Unsure if they can be in the same building as Smith, who they felt was being shady by reading about Chrissy’s home being foreclosed, they tell Jonathan they might not come, but Chrissy will send some money to help out Derek.

At the jumpathon, Yandy, Cyn, and another classic LHHNY star, Somaya Reece, shows up to support Jonathan and Derek. Jen The Groupie Slayer takes a break from clowning PHresher, and eventually, Kimbella also attends the charity event. Yandy notices and makes no effort to break bread with the Juelz’s wife. As for the “jumpathon,” it was a massive success, with Jonathan raising over $97,000 for his nephew’s surgery. Chrissy doesn’t even bother to show up because she just couldn’t put her petty beef with Yandy to the side for a good cause.

Speaking of Chrissy, we learn she put her interior decorating skills to good use to help get Mama Jones’ new house built. We can’t be the only ones curious about Jimmy and Chrissy building new homes with their track record. Anyway, Mama Jones is looking for a new crib after her old house burned down in a fire 2 years ago. Mama Jones has no idea the Chrissy helped get the crib together due to the fact both her Chrissy are not on speaking terms, which puts Jim in a bind.

Jim decides to have a conversation with Chrissy and asks his long-time fiancée if he can reveal to his mother that she helped with the house. Chrissy gives Jim her blessings to tell Mama Jones, but she still has issues with Jimmy’s mama but makes sure to point out it’s his decision to make.

Moving on, Rich Dollaz is BIG MAD that Olivia got in his face and accused him of stealing money from her. He speaks with the one person who handles all of his dough…his mother. Mama Dollaz claims the exact opposite is going on, its Olivia stealing money from him. They even discuss the possibility that it was Cisco who took Olivia’s money when he decided to work with the singer behind Rich’s back.

With that information, Rich meets up with the co-founder of the creep squad, habitual cheater, and baby maker, Peter Gunz. Rich tells Peter about Cisco’s foul ways, and in typical LHHNY fashion, Cisco walks in. Rich tears into Cisco about being sneaky while Peter serves as the voice of reason. Cisco denies telling Olivia that Rich stole money from her but does admit he was wrong for going behind Rich’s back. It looks like the creep squad is back on good terms for now.

Now for the episode’s big moment. Jonathan decides to host a sexy sleepover with his friends Cyn, Jen, Yandy, Somaya, and Kimbella to celebrate the success of the jumpathon. Things get spicy quickly when Jonathan suggests they play a game of truth or dare. When Yandy was asked if there is anyone in the room, she has a problem with things go left quickly between herself and Kimbella.

Kimbella is salty because she feels Yandy didn’t do enough to help her from getting molly whopped and dragged around the room with her kitty showing. Yandy claims she did try to help (she definitely did) and makes the point she doesn’t understand how Kimbella can hang out with the woman who whooped her ass. Kimbella runs out all options and decides throwing a drink at Yandy would be the best response. Tempers die down a little but pick right back up when Yandy decides she has had enough and tries to put her hands on Kimbella.

Of course, LHHNY teased the fight all night only to give us a small glimpse, but it was enough of a scene to garner a reaction from viewers. You can hit the gallery below for them.

Photo: VH1

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