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Hot 97’s Ebro Darden was interviewing Kodak Black when he brought up the rapper’s pending sexual assault case in South Carolina. Despite addressing the topic carefully, the rapper felt a ways and just like that, the interview was a wrap. 

If you don’t know, Kodak Black is scheduled to go on trial for sexual assault in South Carolina next year. The incident allegedly occurred back in February and he was indicted on criminal sexual conduct charge.

As for Kodak at Hot 97, the topic actually came up near the conclusion of the interview, with Ebro saying they hoped they could discuss it at a later date. Clearly, Kodak wasn’t feeling the vibe, and Ebro wasn’t with being told what topics are appropriate.

Ebro took to Twitter with his side of the story. “I was tryna have a balanced convo with Kodak Black & not ignore the serious allegations against him but also not ask specifics to make his situation worse… and he wanna get an attitude with me?? Nah….,” he tweeted in explanation of a clip of the interview’s that is now making the rounds.

He added, “I thought we was having a good, balanced talk with Kodak Black, I guess he thought otherwise…”

Of course, Twitter has various opinions as to how everything went down. Check some of the responses in the gallery.

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