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Car in Ice

Source: General / Radio One

Across The South, folks are preparing for a massive temperature drop that is scheduled to arrive on MLK Day (January 15). IN fact, a Weather Watch has been issued by the Energy Reliability Council of Texas from January 15-17 in anticipation of the extreme cold.

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“ERCOT has issued a Weather Watch from January 15–17 due to forecasted extreme cold weather across the ERCOT region, higher electrical demand, and the potential for lower reserves,” regulators wrote in a Twitter post. “Grid conditions are expected to be normal and can be monitored on”

While we already know to prepare our pipes, pets, pantries and family for the cold, are the items in your vehicle secure? Scroll down for a list of items you’ll definitely want to remove from your car before next week.

Freezing Weather Ahead: Remove These 5 Items From Your Car Today  was originally published on

1. Canned sodas, bottled drinks and other sealed beverages

Canned sodas, bottled drinks and other sealed beverages Source:General

Heat and cold can have fascinating effects on liquids. Extreme cold, however, can cause the contents of a sealed bottle or can to expand – and explode. Rather than wake up to a messy (and sticky) situation after the deep freeze, remove any liquids from your vehicle beforehand.

2. Eyeglasses and shades

Eyeglasses and shades Source:Radio One

Luxury and prescription eyewear is pricy. Protect your investment by bringing in glasses and shades early to avoid damage to the frames, glass, or even the coating on the lenses.

3. Canned Goods

Canned Goods Source:General

Like canned or bottled beverages, the content inside canned goods can also expand when faced with extreme temperatures. USDA recommondation? Allow canned items time to thaw in the refrigerator before opening. If it looks or smells a little “off” after opening, throw it away.

4. Tablets, phones and other handheld devices

Tablets, phones and other handheld devices Source:Radio One

Mobile devices do a lot, and contain intricate hardware that can be forever damaged when faces with extreme temps. 

5. Medicine

Medicine Source:Radio One

With the forever rising costs of medication, you’ll want to bring your meds into a warmer environment as some medicines are sensitive to temperature. Rather than risk returning to ineffective medicine, bring it into a warmer space and avoid costly replacement fees.