Remember The Heroes

      Every Year on September 11th we remember the tragic day that the World Trade Towers came down, but it has always been a question mark in our mind about how it happened… The one thing we do know is that people lost their lives on this day an families we forever be […]

The D.A., Dre Johnson & Alichia Cruz, team up with DJ Jay Claxton to salute  Martin Luther King Jr, with all your favorite #ClassicHipHop tracks.  From the looks our social networks, our listeners loved it!  Thanks for all the comments, texts, tweets, IG chatter..etc. We love you….Long time!   If you missed it or want to […]

    Squirrel Wyde’s Hooligan Express Pick Up for tonight is taking a detour to pay our respects and a special tribute to my man Derrick Jones aka Ooh(Brown Fish). He was a true Baltimore Hero and  Activist for young boys in the community. He believed in making a difference for  these young guys out […]

  Today would have marked the 84th birthday of the legendary  Martin Luther King Jr. The activist, and Civil Rights Movement leader impacted not only African-Americans but so many other races and that is one of many reasons why to this day he will always one of the most iconic Africa American’s. Watch Dr King’s […]

92Q is celebrating this Memorial Day weekend with local events and entertainment throughout B'more!

Army Emergency Relief Donate Now Established in 1942 by the Secretary of War, Army Emergency Relief (AER) is proud to have helped more than three million soldiers and their families overcome financial emergencies during these last 67 years. Since its founding, AER has always been where soldiers are stationed when they needed help. While active […]